Wedding ~ Trish & Luke ~ Whitebridge

On Saturday the 28th March 2015 I spent the day in Whitebridge NSW photographing the surprise wedding of Trish and Luke. The friendly and easygoing couple wanted to surprise their friends and family with their wedding, which was held at Trish's sisters house in Whitebridge, overlooking tranquil bushland. We began the day with a sunrise photo session; it was chilly but the sunrise was spectacular. It was easy to see that the bond between Trish and Luke was deep and unbreakable. The sun rose, marking the the beginning of the day in which they would be married. 

I returned to Whitebridge again as the sun was setting, this time to capture the engagement party and later the very special ceremony. Guests began to trickle in, completely unaware of what they were in for. The decor was very vintage inspired, colourful flowers sitting neatly in rustic glass jars, lace doilies and golden fairy lights were strung about.
When everybody had arrived, they were unexpectedly guided through the well-kept veggie patch and to the altar. There were smiles and laughs as it dawned on them, and even a few tears of joy.
Trish and Luke were married before a glorious golden sunset. The ceremony was intimate and full of emotion, every single guest transfixed on the couple as they exchanged their vows. The first kiss, the cheers, the walking down the aisle as husband and wife; every passing moment was full to the brim of joy and elation. The party began, and went well into the night with people laughing over full glasses and plates of paella. It was a truly magical evening.  


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